Regulatory reform is a broad and all-encompassing 波尔icy goal of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. It is essential for entrepreneurship, innovation, and prosperity to flourish. We advocate for reform by surveying the size, scope, and cost of federal regulations. We show how they affect the U.S. economy at large and making proposals to 波尔icy makers to enact reforms.

There are two main areas in which 国会 can enact meaningful reform. The first is to rein in regulatory guidance documents, which we refer to as “regulatory dark matter,” whereby agencies regulate through Federal Register notices, guidance documents, and other means outside standard rulemaking procedure. The second is to enact a series of reforms to increase agency transparency and accountability of all regulation and guidance. These include annual regulatory report cards for rulemaking agencies and regulatory cost estimates from the Office of Management and Budget for morere than just a small subset of rules.

​In 2019, President Trump signed two executive orders aimed at stopping the practice of agencies using guidance documents to effectively implement 波尔icy without going through the legally required notice and comment process.





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弗雷德·L. 史密斯 Fellow in Regulatory 研究

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弗雷德·L. 小史密斯,.

Founder; Chairman Emeritus

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